IBC Kids

A Little Bit About IBC Kids

What We Are About

Who: Kids age(SK- Grade 5)
When: Every Sunday morning
Why:To connect with Children and their Families. To help strengthen a child’s spiritual relationship with God.
How: Through a ministry that choses to guide our next generations in the right direction.
-Spiritual growth
-True historic Bible stories

Our Program

IBC Kid’s uses the resources and teaching materials of Think Orange’s 252 Basics Program. With a focus on integrating the truth of God’sword into every aspect of the children’s ministry, 252 is one of most highly recommended Children’s programs in North America.

We encourage you to check out 252 Basics’ site for a much more in depth look at what it is all about. Simply click the link to open their website in a new page.

Also feel free to check out the video below for additional information on the program
The Seven Segments of 252 Groups from Orange on Vimeo.

IBC Kid’s Ministry Contact

Melody Gomez

Melody Gomez has worked in Children’s ministry for over three years. She has a passion to see children of all ages strengthen their spiritual walk with God in a fun and safe atmosphere. Melody loves to teach all children about Jesus and how much HE loves them.

Melody and her husband Alfredo Gomez live in St. Catharines Ontario.